I remember hating to prepare Banku in the Dadesen (cauldron) on a coalpot , with my legs balanced on the legs of this metallic utensil. I promised myself that if i ever had my own place, i would never prepare Banku. To even get the coalpot started was another issue altogether! Man, i would stuff the thing with about two Graphic newspapers and fan it like crazy! Depending on the type of charcoal, this could be an easy task or one in which smoke becomes your new perfume. Interesting how I am a total Banku fanatic now.

Why am i going on about this? Well, last night i was up sewing and I decided to take some pictures to display on my Facebook page and after several attempts at creating a background, i decided to go traditional 'proper'. I went and grabbed the Ka and Ato/Apotoyewa ni tapori (traditional grinding bowl and masher) and i had a pleasing effect! This utensil is a favorite of mine especially if i want to prepare fresh kpakposhito, blending pepper in an electric blender just doesnt give the same taste. No sirree! You know what am talking about right? Maybe its due to a bit of clay going into the pepper..hehehee so the taste de biii!!! In other words..AWESOME!

Ka and Ato with Hoop Fabric Earrings

The Papa (Straw fan) is also used to fan the coalpot to get the coals burning bright. I used it to swat away the 'Kp3t3 Kpl3' (only Ga people can pronounce this word..lol!) or fire sparks from the coals.
I used it on this occasion to blend the modern and the traditional.

Papa and Hoop Fabric Earrings

Papa and African print fabric brooches

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